Hardwood Exterior

LUXON EEP Hardwood Exterior Plywood

The Product

This is a European export grade plywood specially produced by our mill in Asia to meet the specification and needs of customers in the United Kingdom, Europe and exclusively for Luxon in Australia. EEP plywood is manufactured from selected tropical light hardwoods, harvested from sustained yield forest estates. Both faces and backs are from Blonde species and where possible the core veneers are also Blonde species. EEP plywood is manufactured for exterior use with a phenolic adhesive but can also be produced against orders with an interior grade glueline.

The Application

EEP plywood is manufactured for both exterior and interior environments. This highly versatile product is used for an extensive range of end uses in the building, joinery and furniture industries as well as meeting the needs of the expanding DIY market. Suitable for overlaying with sliced or rotary timber veneers.

Sizes Thickness (mm) Plies Approx. Weight per Sheet (kg's) Adhesive Panel Density Species
2440 * 1220
3 4 6 9 12 15 18 25
3 3 5 5 7 7 9 11
6.5 7 10.5 16 21 26.5 31.5 44
Exterior Grade Phenolic
600-650 kg/ m^3 Approx
Red/ White Hardwoods

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