Single Wall Cups

Luxon’s range of PLA disposable coffee cups are manufactured using sustainable premium grade board and are lined with an innovative bioplastic derived from naturally occurring plant sugars.

As our cups are not lined with conventional plastic linings, they are compostable as well as recyclable making them an environmentally friendly choice.

There is much that can be said about the conveniences of modern life, but at the same time, sometimes we make choices that produce more waste than is necessary. If you run a restaurant or café business, then you could be using disposable cups that aren’t exactly environmentally friendly.

With our selection of single wall coffee cups, you can provide your customers with the convenience of disposable takeaway cups, while using a product that lessens your environmental impact, and that can potentially cut down on your costs.

Suitable for a range of beverages, these are perfect for serving businesses, or even if you need to make a bulk order for your office or for a commercial or corporate event. These environmentally friendly coffee cups are available in a range of sizes, so check the dimensions below

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